Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Two more pictures of Babe.  She is adjusting to living upstair very well.  The two husky's just ignore her.
See my tooths.  
I have a cute heartshaped nose.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

 Wolf and his friend brought Babe upstairs as a Christmas gift .  This was no small feat since she weights about 200 lbs.  She decided to make her home against the stove.  It is a little inconvenient for me but as long as Babe is happy that is fine.

She hasn't strayed from her blankets yet to explore the kitchen because we have terrazzo flooring and her little feet slip out from underneath her.  I will be purchasing rubber mats to place on the floor so that she will be able to explore the house.  She is paper trained, so no worries about accidents.

Luna and Colt  our two Huskies leave her alone, except that they seem to like her pellets that she eats

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Babe is enjoying being able to go outside everyday.  It is getting a little cool now so she is not outside  as much.  I get up at 6:30 every morning ( she doesn't get the time change)  her tummy tells her she is  hungry.  Well Babe is alway hungry.  I open the door and out she goes to her pen.  I feed her  and leave her outside until she screams and shakes her pen door to come in.  If it is really cool for her, she eats, does her bathroom duties and then wants in right away.
Since we moved I do not need to keep papers down for her, she goes outside about 3 times a day.  She is so clean and never messes in the house.  One day last week, she was in for 12 hrs from the time she came in that morning until the time I came home and let her out.  She had her snouty to the door and was ready to go out immediately.  She is such a cute piggy.  Babe is just like a pink doggie.  She is smart and clean.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

We moved about 3 weeks ago and now Babe is an indoor/outdoor piggy.  When we lived at the other house, I had a basement apartment and she could not go outside, because there were 13 steps for her to climb.  The lower level of our new home has a walk out.

Wolf, my son, cordoned off a section of the backyard for her as a pen.  She has her breakfast inside and then she goes out for the day.  At night she comes in and has her supper and then sleeps in the house.

Babe seems much happier now that she can go outdoors and get fresh air.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Piggy & Cat

Here is a picture of Babe with her best Friend Nemo.  A cat that I inherited from a friend of my son's.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nails Trimmed

Babe is getting her nails trimmed for the holidays. I finally located the farrier that came in Springtime to trim her nail. He was so gentle and kind to her. Her nails are gettin to long and she is have a little difficulty in walking. I guess when the piggies are outside their hoofs are naturally being trimmed. In the house all she does is walk from one pile of her blankies in the livingroom, to the other pile of her blankies in the bedroom.

My son and I will have to wear earplugs when she gets her hoofs trimmed. The last time she had it done she squealed so loud that you would think she was being skinned alive. It really hurt me to think that she was so afraid.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New things about Babe

Good morning:

Babe has found a new way to show she loves me and wants something. First, she has found a new sound, almost like a purr. When I am standing at the sink, (she knows the fridge is nearby) she nose butts my legs, if I ignore her she head buts me if I still pretend to ignore her, she starts rubbing her body along my shins. She must have watched my cat doing this for attentions. Unfortunately the kitty is smooth, Babe is bristly.

If the cat is sleeping on her mat, Babe walks over and either snorts at her, or pushes her. When Babe is sleeping besides my bed on her blankies, the cat comes up and leans over the edge of the bed and touches Babes ears. I am glad she gets along with the cat.

The other night Luka, our Husky came to visit. She passed Babe sleeping in the livingroom. Babe got up squawking and began following Luka. Wherever Luka went she trailed behind. She seemed to be saying, " Keep walking this is my home" I would never leave the two of them alone but it did look cute to watch them together.